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Monday, December 22, 2008

im so in love w this piglet tt babydarling bought f me (=

LOVE <3>

random shots of random stuffs (=

Boyfr saw this Piglet at Carrefour and he was so pissed off -.-
Cos this was larger thn th one he bought at Taka f me.
Silly baby. I love you still (=

Cam-whoring has become an ADDICTION !

The dinner at Chicago's Steakhouse.

I had Baked Seafood Rice.
Baby had Slipper Lobster Spaghetti -.-
What a name t call th dish.

I was trying t mk a stupid face.

And he was trying t act cute.

Pretty good place t eat out ! (=

Taken some time ago (=

okays,here i am t post. firstly,im confused =( i cant mk up my mind whthr t go t higher nitec or sec 5. cos althou my english,chinese & art gt distinctions,my other subjects only barely passed =( & my maths sucks ! totally! t pass olevels,maths & humanities is very impt. sighhs. vincent says i should go f sec 5.i just hv t try rly hard. he told me alot of stuffs which i find very reasonable bt still,im confused luhhs !! anyone who's a reader of my blog,pls tag me and give me yr opinions. thks !

boyfr stayed over at my hme.i woke up at 12 while he at 3pm.its just so difficult t wake him up.i prepared,got ready thn we left f boyfr's hme.he changed while i tv-ed w his parents.eugene & co were arnd 6pm,we left f town.trained frm buangkok t dhoby ghaut.went Gv Plaza bt tickets were selling like hotcakes ~.~ And The Cathay's last session f Twilight was 7.15pm =( I had a huge quarrel w mom and i ended up shouting on th phne like a mental. Kept crying & ruining my make up-.- boyfr din know wht t do-.- Went t Cineleisure,tickets were selling like they were farenheit's tickets -.- damn damn damn. i gt pissed off so we decided t catch th movie at a later time. Had dinner at Chicago's Steakhouse and th food was not bad. We liked it. After tt,Off we went t Takashimaya,met up w marilyn as she was working thr. Chatted while me & boyfr was enjoying Venezia's ice cream. I was tricked into eating 3 flavours by boyfr -.- I thought he wanted t share 3 flavours w me bt end up we had 3 flavours each -.- Supposed t buy ''Bah Gua'' f his Mom bt we couldn't find th shop. As we were leaving Taka,spotted a Disney fair. And thr i saw a HUGE piglet. Boyfr bought it f me. SO HAPPY CAN ! i hv been yearning f big huge piglets f ages bt ex-bfs of mine all said they couldnt find it =( So yeap. This Disney store which was selling pendants and necklace caught our eyes too. Cos we could engrave our photos on th pendant and thn wear it as necklaces ! So i bought if f Babydarling. It costed me a bomb bt im nt bothered cos - - - minus cashflow +++ plus happiness !! Get what i mean ? We left Taka after tt as we'll be collecting th necklaces few days ltr (= So headed bk t Plaza Sing f movie. Managed t get tickets f th 11.50pm show. Saw quite a few ppl tday. Junkwang & Travis. Travis at Cine while Junkwang at Ps. Saw my sch ppl too bt i dk their names -.- Haas. TWILIGHT WAS AWESOME. and im so glad tt boyfr understood th movie and even said it was nice. =D =D =D me & boyfr felt tt edward's dad is even mre handsome thn edward (= wht's his name agn ? yeah,Carlo Cullen ! After movie,cabbed bk t boyfr's hme. Eugene & co was mahjong-ing still. Tgthr w Feilong,Nigel and Shuiching. Poor grandma of Boyfr couldn't sleep. Bt i was dead beat. Fell asleep while Boyfr went t bathe. ZZZ.





Supposed t have outing w Hazel and Brothers tday. But it was cancelled. So i went t work. Cabb-ed hme frm boyfr's hme. Bathed,Ate & tried t talk t Mom a little. Hey,I gave in leh -.- Afterall,she's my mom yah ? Sales was okay tday. Cabb-ed hme after wrk. And right nw,im tired. Boyfr is somewhere playing soccer at point. ZZZ,i miss him.


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