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curbing my horrible terrible temper (=
Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sorry James,I know my temper is bad. I apologise.

my temper is real bad.yes,i must change my crazy temper in order nt t affect th ppl arnd me. no promises bt i'll try as im pretty stubborn.i dk whts wrng w me bt i've been feeling dwn.nt due t any happenings or anything.partly becos i've been missing my grandpa & i've just been sitting bk analysing my messy life.hv been thinking whther i grew up th correct way,did i mk th right choice,is my boyfr th right one & everything.i sound abit confused,i think i rly am-.-is it rly fine t get serious in r-ships of tis age?its nt tt i don love my boyfr,i sumtimes we clash and i cant stand my own pessimism.i rly hate it when ppl tells me i think too very particular abt tt.befre someone says tt t me,tk a backseat and think agn 'what caused me t think so much?what caused me t hv so much insecurities'i admit i hv a fertile runs everywhr.when im alone,i think ALOT,rly mind wuld just keep rushing through different series and while i was viewing my past entries on tis blog.i read up th entries tt my boyfr did while i was too busy tking cre of my grandpa,handling his funeral & everything.those were vry sweet entries & it touched my heart.but than now tt i no longer get t experience those sweetness & touching moments,my mind starts its wild thoughts & th insecurities starts t build just a simple lady who needs things t be constant.i need constant security.i dun need to have you by my side everyday bt i need t know tt you still care. tts whats so irritating abt me.its like if you wanna be my friend,stay as my friend till th end.i don't need ppl who come and go,i dun wish t waste time on ppl like this anyway.when me & boyfr's r-ship just blossomed,he used t send me sweet yet funny text t me in th middle of th night knowing tt i'll read them in th morning and tt it'll lead t a smile on my dwn th road,our r-ship went thru shaky points,bits & pieces here & sweet texts goes extinct.i know tt ppl changes and CHANGE is th only thing tts constant.i dont ask f much,i dont need forever,i just need COSTANT love & care.its hard t believe in FOREVER,i when at th moment whr i rly give my heart away t someone.i'll do my best.if someone,anyone is able t put up w me being so insecure,hv a matured mindset,showers CONSTANT love & care,dotes me,mks me laugh & does nt put me down bt instead break my fall when im hving setbks, than HE"S TH ONE ~

tis few days,i've been feeling low.
just like tis piglet.

Macdonald's Sausage MacGriddles Is NOT NICE.
Cos th bread is actually hotcake bread-.-
& i dont like Hotcakes =X



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