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Monday, November 10, 2008

hey people (:

here t blog agn ! been busy chionging work. like hardcore ! lols. so yeah here goes~

8th November 2008

again it was suppering at buangkok (: i received my pay tday. f working f ueno. $425? arnd thr i guess. haas. we ordered 3 different types of food t share. as elaine & chanel both felt like vomiting =.= i dk f wht reason. we ate at th non-aircon kopitiam tis time. ordered ''sambal kangkong'',oyster omelette and satays (YUMMY !! ) bt guess what we ? th ''sambal kangkong'' was so nt ''sambal'' at all ! just tk a look !

look at it -.- rojak kangkong mre like!

so yeah. had a great time at buangkok.

chanel being feeded satay (: & elaine acting so funny !

they are th spokepersons f BUANGKOK xp

after buangkok we headed back t sgoon nth t slack. under block 536. called meijuan t ask whther she culd come dwn bt like always she will come up w lots of excuses, blahhs.forget it. im disappointed w her. ughhh! so we chatted thn decided t call adele dwn. cos we've nt seen her f a lng tym. & yeah she came t slack. chatted total rubbish -.- so i took th time t cam-whore [:



Hmmm, yea ?

9th November 2008

guess what i saw first thing in th morning? i opened my eyes
arnd 2 noon and checked my phne. saw my buddy jia an's text.
1st text : buddy,u awake?
2nd text : breakfast at yr door. don starve yrself. have a gd meal.
3rd text : something u've been yearning f for days.

immediately,i ran t my door and tis is wht i saw (: (
: (: (: (: (: (:

my dearest buddy jia an. thank you so much. i love you mansxxxx <3 style="font-size: 130%;">

had conflict w boyfr. our r-ship was straining and i confessed t him tt my feelings was fading. so it was kinda torturing. >.< i couldnt sleep. cos thr was a thunderstorm. missed called quite alot of ppl. my dearest pauline called me bk & we had a heart t heart chat as we've been drifting alot. she advised me on hw t handle my r-ship. THANKS PAULINE LEI YI QIN !! <3 6am="" a="" at="" boyfr="" br="" cabbed="" call="" chat="" decided="" face="" frm="" funny="" have="" he="" heart="" him="" his="" hme="" hong.="" i="" in="" james="" jun="" like="" liu="" morning="x" so="" starhub="" t="" tell="" th="" umbrella="D" w="" wanna="">

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