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Friday, November 07, 2008

had some problems w th previous post =.=
bt its continued here.

i was so happy when i heard frm lyin tt jiaan is out. he wanted t give me a surprise in sch actually bt his plan was spoilt. silly bestie. he totally made my day when he called me up while i was at tao payoh HDB hub w mummy doing smthing abt rental housing :( (talking abt tis,i rly don want t move far,sighhs)

piggy me woke up at 4.40pm tday. was supposed t meet jiaan in th afternoon. bt thanks t ahyao,i was so tired.rushed t get ready,bathed and everything thn took a rocket (jiaan told me t tk a rocket,lol) t hougang ave 8.Boyfr woke up at 5pm++ and still managed t rch hougang park faster thn me (: i think he's a speed walker. rched hg park t meet up w Boyfr,Jennifer and lastly, my decade BUDDY : MR LEE JIA AN. was so happy t see him. i missed him so much while he was in thr. passed him th letter tt i wrote t him. Jennifer and Jiaan went t buy 4D -.- haas. thn we strolled arnd. Jennifer went off t meet Chia f dinner while me and boyfr went up t Jiaan's home. Chatted f sometime,ate some chocolates(thanks JIAAN ! ) thn we left.

Boyfr and I went t th pasar malam t buy food home.I couldn't believe it. Thr wasn't any sharks fin soup in such a big pasar malam. =.= stupid right?Walked bk t boyfr's hme t makan.
Tmr i'm wrking w boyfr,eugene chanel. Can't wait f tmr t come (:
I need t get a shower nw,have been sitting infront of this comp f so lng luhhs.

Boyfr,i want BIG BREAKFAST leh :(
I've been yearning f 4days.

decisions are just so difficult t make.

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