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Thursday, November 06, 2008

im finally not working tday !
i've not been updating f th past few days cos all i've been doing is zzz-ing and wrk-ing. yeah~ Sunday t Wednesday i've just been wrking non-stop.Do you see my eyebags?
lols.Made something f Boyfr bt wasn't planning t give it t him tt quickly.He saw it on my desk so i had t give it t him (: (: (:

Simple but Sweet <3>

Boyfr stayed
over my hme on monday night as he couldn't locate his cousin's chalet. We zzz at like 6 in th morning and thn woke up during mid-noon. I went t wrk while he went t ilona's cousin's chalet. Work was tiring this few days. Been hanging around Jurong estates. FAINTS. i am so GAINING WEIGHT !!
For th past 3 nights in th room,i've been suppering w chanel and elaine at Buangkok.I think we've become addicted t tt place.On th first night,Chanel had pizza and calamari,while i ate this seafood pasta thingy. Elaine was even FUNNIER! She ordered meatball soup w rice bt she din want t eat th meatballs?!??! Nicholas and Meijuan came dwn t meet up w us bt thn Meijuan just kept talking t Nic non-stop. I mean like what's th point you come dwn t look f us and yet you don even bother abt us?So a few years friendship cant be compared t a 'brother' of yr non-existent boyfr? Im sorry but Im not trying t be mean.I am just veh disappointed w you. =.=
On th 2nd night,Chanel and I decided t try th sirloin steak frm th non-aircon coffeeshop. We told th 'BANGALA-UNCLE' tt we wanted our steak medium and in th end it was SOOOOOO cooked laas. Nearly broke my teeth while chewing.Th oyster omelette was SUPERLY nice btw.We loved it.Elaine had her usual soup-y dish agn.And yeah,like always,she din finish it. zzz.

took a candid shot while on th escalator
t buangkok.

cam-whoring in th buangkok station toilet w
tweety bird.

For th 3rd day,we had dim-sums! Bt it wasn't rly veh nice. I ate Fried Noodles(chinese style) & it turned out t be so sweet luhhs. din like it =X i love salty food. hees. Chanel had th breakfast set w steak. She's still nt satisfied by it.I told her tt she srsly must go eat at Jack's place or something. Elaine had laksa w so much belachan.Her lips were so R-E-D !!

Boyfr, i wanna go eat at Sakura lehhs. Elaine said tt th buffet is awesome. So im like yearning t try. I wanna bring mummy dearest thr too.

Anws, was abt t go t dreamland at 2am++ thn tt ahyao called me up,asking me t accompany me chat on th phne. He kept suan-ing me non stp luhhs!! tis are th flaws he suan-ed me about :

[1] im short ( bt im cute okays! )
[2] i look like an ah ma when i don put on make-up (tt's natural beauty okay!)
[3] i have a man-ly voice (tt's cos my throat is dry at night !)
[4] i cnt be compared t his so-called dreamgirl 'rainie yang'

like whatever luhhs,we chatted till 5am. I've been yearning f macdonalds brkfast tis few days bt culd nvr wk up on time t eat it :( wanted t go point eat it tis morning w Chanel bt was too tired.

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